Are you looking for an enthusiastic writer to tackle any project?

I have more than six years of experience writing for publications and businesses. Some publications include:

-Rochester Women Magazine
-The Wagazine
-Experience Rochester
-St. Charles Press

I create dynamic and well-written articles for a variety of publications. I am a curious person with a multitude of interests.My favorite part of writing is researching new topics and interviewing people to create thought-provoking and engaging articles.


I have experience in writing web content, blogging and social media. I have created tag lines for new product banners, content for products, as well as press releases.

I also created all web content to help ColorWare, a tech company in Winona, Minnesota, build their brand. I wrote the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of ColorWare.

I believe that having a blog is essential in the digital age. If you are looking for more web traffic and a way to educate your customer on your product or service, I can help with content for a blog that includes SEO.

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