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Good day to all and thank you for visiting my healthy living blog. I have been journaling for more than 20 years and I have been an athlete and fitness junkie for even longer. As I reach out today with my first blog post, I am both excited and petrified. I have much to share, but I have a lot to learn about creating a well organized blog. So, as you follow along this journey with me, please be patient as I learn the ins and outs of blogging and WordPress.

Gettin’ My Sweat On

This evening, I am meeting with a wonderful group of women at the park for a workout. I met this group of ladies about six months ago when I was recruited to teach fitness classes at a small studio (please read the About section to learn more about my teaching background). I bonded with many of these women in a short time period. I had developed a loyal following, but out of the blue, the studio owner decided to close the doors. Heartbroken, we all decided to meet at the park once a week so that we could remain in contact. And tonight marks our first workout.


The outdoor class will be based on 3.2.1. This class is three minutes of toning a particular muscle group, then two minutes of heart pumpin’ cardio, followed by one minute of torturous abs. We repeat this format five times to hit most of the major muscle groups. The class is one hour.

To get a taste of 3.2.1, I am publishing our first workout. I would love for you to try it and give me your thoughts. The outdoor version of this class is limited to the equipment we use because it’s not held at a workout facility. The only items needed for this class are heavy (8, 10 or 12 lbs) weights, light (3, 5 or 6 lbs) weights, a mat and water.

Toning/Legs (each 1 minute):

  1. Frog Squat
  2. Low Squat
  3. Squat with Shoulder Press

Cardio (2 minutes total):

  1. Jab/Cross Heel 30 sec.
  2. Jump Rope 30 sec.

Abs (1 min.):

  1. Cross Body Mt. Climber

Toning/Back (1 min. of each):

  1. Superman
  2. Alt. Row
  3. Reverse Fly

Cardio (2 min. total):

  1. Fast Feet
  2. Jumping Jacks

Abs (1 min.):

  1. Torso Twist

Toning/Biceps (1 min. of each):

  1. Curls
  2. Deadlift with hammer curls
  3. Alt. front lunge with wide curls

Cardio (2 min. total):

  1. Lunge back and shoot
  2. Bootie Kicks

Abs (1 min.):

  1. Standing side crunches

Toning/Triceps (1 min. of each):

  1. Kickbacks
  2. Skull Crusher
  3. Dips (you’ll a step, chair, bench)

Cardio (2 min. total):

  1. Mummy
  2. Tap sides

Abs (1 min.):

  1. Plank

Toning/Chest (1 min. each):

  1. Push ups
  2. Chest presses
  3. Chest Fly

Cardio: (2 min. total):

  1. Ski
  2. Skate

Abs (1 min.):

  1. Reverse Curl

Boom! Done! Stay Strong and Stay Motivated!

Good work!



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