My First 10K!

Good day to all!

Last night marked the first night of my outdoor 3.2.1. class, and, it was a success. The weather was beautiful, lots of sunshine and a fantastic breeze to keep us from overheating. We completed the routine as stated on Monday’s blog post. It was tough going since we had a two-week break from this particular class, but we all survived and felt fabulous once we finished. Thanks to all who made it, I loved having your support through a tough workout.

Today I registered for my first 10K. In my past running days, I completed a few 5K races, but, in terms of competing, never anything longer than the 3.1 miles that is equivalent to a 5K. I started running again back in December of 2013 and I wanted a goal to hold myself accountable. Since I started running, I had forgotten how therapeutic it can be. I listen to great music and simply pound the pavement. Some days I own it, I feel like I am King of the Road. And other times, well, I remind myself it’s one foot in front of the other, one breath at a time and just hope I make it through the hour.

If you are feeling up to another workout, I’ve got Cardio, Arms and Abs! Get your Cardio in first. Go for a run, walk or cycle around town. Whatever gets your heart rate up, do it and do it for 30 minutes. Set the timer and GO! Enjoy the time you are taking for yourself.  You deserve it. Once you finish Cardio here are a few exercises you can do to tone up those Arms and Abs! Swimsuit season is HERE!

Do a full minute of each and then repeat 20 seconds of each for the Power Burn. No rest! (This applies to the arm portion only)


  1. Biceps with Concentration Curl (yep, that means legs too. Wait, I thought you said arms…a little leg won’t kill ya)
  2. Hammer Curls
  3. Wide Curls


  1. Front arm raise
  2. Side arm raise
  3. Deadlift with an upright row-I know, more legs!


  1. Skull Crusher (use one heavy or two lighter)
  2. Plie Squat with an overhead extension-tee hee, more legs.
  3. Tricep Press-Stand in runners pose (front knee at 90 degrees, then stand in long lunge. Weights in both hands positioned behind your bootie and press weights straight back. Don’t let the weights come in front of your bootie. It’s a pulsing motion with the arms.


  1. Crunch up x2 and down x2 for 8 counts, hold in the upward position for 10 seconds on that last count. Repeat 4x.
  2. Reverse curl (hands under bootie and lift bootie in the air) up x2 and down x2 for 8 counts, hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 4x.
  3. Combine both movements. Crunch up (hands behind head this time) and lift bootie up x2 and down x2 for 8 counts, hold up for 10 seconds. Repeat 4x.

Give it your all! Stay Strong!

Share your goals for the summer! I would love to hear them!


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