Power Step!

Good day to all!

Last night was the first Power Step class that I have taught. The class was an hour and half long and featured several Step Aerobic routines, toning for the arms and a few ab moves to round out the evening. I intended to post a couple of Step Aerobic routines yesterday, but spent the majority of my allotted writing time working with the help desk at WordPress. I have vowed to create a more organized and fun website, but I am struggling with all of the WordPress Dashboard elements! Ugh!

Hopefully you found a way to get movin’ yesterday, but if you didn’t, here’s a fun way to get your cardio in and tone your legs and abs tonight. The Step routines can all be completed on the ground. You don’t have to have the Step, although that makes it a little more challenging.

Rockinghorse Routine

  1. 4 Basic
  2. 4 V-Step
  3. 4 Knee/Corner
  4. 4 Ham/Corner
  5. 4 Rockinghorse/Corner
  6. 1 Slow V
  7. Take it off the side and 4 single knees
  8. 1 Knee off the back
  9. 1 Triple knee


Knee Around the World Routine

  1. 4 Basic
  2. 4 V-Step
  3. 4 Turn Step
  4. 4 A (Across box)
  5. Knee Around the World
  6. 1 Triple Knee


Single, Single, Double Routine

  1. 4 Single,Single, Double
  2. 4 V-Step
  3. 4 Turn Step
  4. 4 Scissor (or A across the box)
  5. 4 Triple Curl/Corner
  6. 1 Single Glute


Now for the toning portion of the workout. Please complete each exercise in the muscle group for one minute. Then, repeat each exercise for 20 seconds for the Power Burn.


  1. Sissy Squats (heels on weights)
  2. Alt. Front Lunges
  3. Wall Squats


  1. Squats
  2. Bridge (on floor/lift bootie)
  3. Donkey Kicks (on all 4s, flex foot and push it to the ceiling/complete both sides)


  1. Deadlifts
  2. Reverse Plank (dig those heels in!)
  3. Bridge with one leg extended toward ceiling (complete both sides)

Abs/Complete each one for 1 minute: (repeat if you dare)

  1. Forearm Plank
  2. Spider Plank (palms walk down to forearms and back to palms)
  3. Plank (rock up on your toes and back)
  4. Plank (runner knees)
  5. Side Plank (both sides for one minute)

Stay Strong!


P.S. You can find a few music playlists on Spotify. In the search bar, choose fitness. 🙂


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