Monday Madness!

My husband and I entertained my parents this past weekend, who were visiting from Missouri. They arrived early afternoon on Friday, and we decided to take them to Lake Winona for the afternoon. My husband and my father took the boat out and went fishing while my mom and I walked the well-kept trails surrounding Lake Winona. It was a wonderful afternoon.

The rest of the weekend was jam-packed with shopping, grill outs, fires in the Chiminea, biking in Lanesboro and a short walk in one of the local state parks close to our home. I was sad to see them leave this morning, but I am glad to get back to my usual workout routine and eating better — my mom made a ridiculously tasty Banana Pound Cake and I ate a lot! Not to mention mini chocolate bars and peanut butter cookies!

I am so excited to meet the girls at the park for a fun-filled hour of 3.2.1. I have the routine planned if you would like to give it a try. Remember, each toning exercise is done for one minute, each cardio exercise is completed for 30 seconds, repeat each one twice, and complete each abdominal exercise for one minute. Get out your stop watch and have some fun!

Legs/Glutes & Inner/Outer Thigh

  1. Squat with side kick
  2. Sumo Squeeze
  3. X-Lunge


  1. Burpee w/Flying Angel
  2. Hop on right foot/left foot


  1. Side Bends


  1. Concentration Curl
  2. Hammer Curl
  3. Wide Curl


  1. 180 Jumps
  2. Fast Feet


  1. Full Sit-up


  1. Overhead Extension with Plie Squat
  2. Kickbacks
  3. Tricep Push-up


  1. Ski
  2. Repeater knee


  1. Pilates Abs


  1. Push-ups with Military Press
  2. Standing Chest Press
  3. Chest fly


  1. Floor jacks
  2. Jog


  1. Torso Twist


  1. I/Y
  2. Runner’s pose with Reverse Fly
  3. Standing Row


  1. Tuck Jumps
  2. Front Kicks


  1. Single, Single, Double Reach

Stay Strong! And, remember to smile, you are doing something good for your mind and body!




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