Tough It Out!

Good day to all!

Last night, at 3.2.1., we had a blast! We had a few more participants this week, and I was grateful for each and every person that came.  I love to teach, and I love the energy that these women have — they push me to keep going!

I titled this post “Tough It” Out for two reasons. One: I’ve got a great workout planned for chest, back and abs, and I hope you can give it a try. Two: I have to “Tough It Out” because I don’t have time to exercise today, which makes me a little cranky. After going from my full-time job, I have two back to back events to cover for the newspaper that I write for every week. Therefore, no workout for me today; I’ll have to make it up tomorrow at Step & Sculpt.

As I said, today the focus is on chest, back and abs. I highly recommend a little cardio beforehand if you can. Take a walk, ride your bike or go for a run; you can even do the Step routine I posted for you last week. Remember, Step routines can always be done on the floor. I’ll be posting more cardio work for you at a later date.

Get your heavy and light weights, along with a mat, a timer and some water.

Follow the pyramid: Do each set of exercises for 30 seconds. Then repeat each set of exercises for 20 seconds, then repeat each set of exercises for 10 seconds. Now, go in reverse. Each set of exercises for 10 seconds, then 20 seconds, then 30 seconds…and done!


  1. Push Ups-do as many guy Push ups as you can, then switch to girl.
  2. Standing Chest Press-stand feet shoulder width apart with heavy weights in hand. Bend elbows at 90 degrees and keep arms parallel to the ground or shoulder height. Weights start out to the side and then squeeze together in front. Open and close motion.
  3. Chest fly on the floor with legs extended. Legs up and arms up, then as legs go straight down and come 1″ from the floor (never touching the floor), arms open with elbows slightly bent. Then bring legs up as you close arms.
  4. Chest Press on the mat with a bridge pose (hips off the mat, squeeze bootie and push it towards the ceiling.)
  5. Forearm Plank


  1. Runner’s Pose with reverse fly (remember chest is resting on quad, drop back knee for modification).
  2. Superman
  3. Standing Row or Plank Row with heavy weights
  4. Quadruped -using a light weight-on, your positioning is on all fours. Extend left leg and right arm. Then, bring together in the center, crunching abs as well.
  5. Forearm Plank


  1. Single, Single, Double (In plie stance, reach arm to one side then the other).
  2. Toy Soldier (Both arms up overhead, then lift right leg to meet arms about waist high).
  3. Crunches
  4. Extend legs out on mat, with one light weight in hands above chest, crunch up.
  5. Forearm plank

Did you “Tough It Out?” I hope so…you’ll feel so much better than just sitting on the couch watching T.V.  🙂

As always, Stay Strong!



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