Team Work!

Good Day to All!

A special shout out to the wonderful ladies who came to the Lake to workout with me. I loved having each and every one of you. I was worried after Z Studio closed if I would see these ladies again, and much to my surprise, several of them keep coming back for more 3.2.1. on Monday night. If you were unable to come, know that we were thinking about you and missed having you around. It’s amazing what others can do for you when you’re trying to push through a tough workout. So today, if it helps motivate you, find a friend who will help you get your sweat on! Whether you choose to do the workout I provide or if you are headed to the gym invite someone to go along with you.

Now, grab  a pair of heavy and light dumbells, some water, a mat, a timer and a stability ball. 3.2.1. is comin’ atcha!


  1. Plie squat with arm circles (You may want lighter weights for this one: hold your plie stance, then arms extended in the center of your body with palms facing away from you. Circle the arms up and over your head, then return to home position)
  2. X-lunge
  3. Squat with side kick

Cardio: 1, 2, 3 knee (think Turbo Kick)/Bunny Hops

Abs: Stability Ball Pass (start with ball between feet and arms up overhead. Meet in the middle)


  1. Wall Squat with Hammer Curls
  2. Curls Upx2 and Downx2
  3. Wide Curls Single

Cardio: Tuck jumps/Tap side to side

Abs: Mountain Climbers


  1. Dips (use a chair, step or something stable and elevated)
  2. Skull crusher
  3. Plie with overhead extension (one heavy weight or 2 light weights)

Cardio: Jab/Cross Heel/Bootie Kicks

Abs: Plank on ball


  1. Pyramid Push-ups (4 guy/4 girl, 3 guy/3 girl, 2 guy/2 girl etc.)
  2. Push-up with Military Press (weights by your feet, walk it down, push up, walk it back, grab weights with Military Press and repeat)
  3. Chest Press

Cardio: Burpees/Alt. Front Kicks

Abs: Ball overhead, lunge back as you bring leg forward continue on and bring the knee up and lower the ball so that knee and ball meet at waist


  1. Plank Rows
  2. Superman on the ball
  3. Swimmers (like Superman on the floor, but keep thighs and chest off the ground alternating arms and legs)

Cardio: Running Man/Jab Front and Side (you can switch off when you hit 15 seconds.)

Abs: Crunches on the ball

And that’s it! Way to go!

That’s all for today! Stay Strong in all that you do!





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