A Little Help from My Friends

Good Day to All!

After Saturday’s humbling 10K race, I am ready to complete a workout with friends who motivate me. I ran the entire race not knowing one person, and though I do love running and zoning out, clearly Saturday I needed the help of my friends.

Running a 10K alone reminded me of how important group fitness is to me. I know many of you are thinking, yes, of course Nicole, you have said that a million times. But Saturday, I realized just how much I do need my friends. I miss attending Jackie’s Turbo Kick classes, I miss attending Denise’s Insanity classes and I miss my cohorts from Z Studio! I used to see many of these amazing women twice a week, and now, it’s just once a week, and some I don’t see at all anymore.

I love that these women also have a smile for me, and they always have a kind word. It doesn’t matter how difficult my day was I always know when we gather for a workout, they will be by my side, and for that, I thank them all.

Unfortunately, class at the park is cancelled due to the weather, but here is the workout that I had planned for this evening. Go Get ’em!

Remember to grab heavy and light weights, a mat, water and a timer!



  1. Dead Lifts
  2. Reverse Plank
  3. Bridge

Cardio-Lunge back & shoot/Hop left foot then right

Abs-Single, Single, Double with Rain



  1. Concentration curls
  2. Hammer curls (Up 3, down 1)
  3. Wide Curls

Cardio: Standing Mtn Climber/Jog in place

Abs: Crunch & Chop



  1. Crab Crawl
  2. Tricep Punch Out
  3. Runner’s Pose with Tricep Presses

Cardio-1/4 Turns/Ham Curls

Abs-Toe tap plank



  1. Push ups
  2. Chest Presses
  3. Chest Flies

Cardio-Floor Jacks/Bootie Kicks

Abs-Superman roll into Pike Crunch


  1. Reverse Fly
  2. Bent over row
  3. Good Morning

Cardio-Shuffle Punch/High knees

Abs-Side Plank with Hip Dips

Stay Strong!



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