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In an effort to appease the many aspects of my creative side, my friend Denise and I went to Canvas and Chardonnay in Rochester last Sunday to paint a love-themed painting and drink a little wine. Denise is a lovely woman, and we reside in the same community. She recently opened up a yoga studio and has had great success. Although I have only been to one of her classes, due to schedule conflicts, I love what she is doing for our community.

She teaches yoga to people of all ages, children, adults and seniors.  And, in late June she hosted a customer appreciation night for members of the community. The event was a timed, closed 30 minute yoga session. And by closed I mean, I was covering the event for the local newspaper and I showed up at 6:15 instead of 6 p.m. and the door was locked. There was a sign that read, yoga in session, please return at 6:30.

I thought it was wonderful that she cared enough about these women, who attended the event, to ensure they were getting a night of relaxation and enjoyment. It was the perfect event. Not only did she offer yoga, but she invited two lovely gals from a local spa to come and provide mini-facials. I so wanted to be a part of all this pampering…sigh. But alas, I took out my notebook and jotted down a few notes and quotes from ladies who attended.

I did mill around the snack tray and boy did I enjoy some of the best blueberry cheese that I have ever tasted. I thought to myself that the wine being served would have been excellent with the offering of cheese, crackers and raspberries. I later found out the cheese was from Hy-Vee—I must go buy some soon.

While the ladies waited for their mini-facials, there was a woman from Camy Couture, a boutique in Rochester, who had a rack of clothing, jewelry, wallets and other trinkets. She was helping women accessorize some of the clothing and chatting with them about her store in Rochester. The owner of Simple Soaps was also there. She had homemade goat’s milk soap for sale. Denise also sells Prana yoga apparel at her studio, so that was available also.

Kim Shea, owner of Camy Couture, set up shop at Denise's free yoga event!

Kim Shea, owner of Camy Couture, set up shop at Denise’s free yoga event!

This post may seem like like I got a little side tracked, but I wanted to provide background on  Denise and her yoga studio, because at this free yoga event, I proposed doing some art classes in the space adjacent to her yoga studio. I proposed a kid’s art project and something similar to Canvas and Chardonnay for adults. She was thrilled with the idea, which made me excited too.

In the excitement, she thought it would be a good idea for us to attend a painting session at Canvas and Chardonnay so that we could see how it was organized. So we did.

I arrived first last Sunday evening and saved us seats next to each other. I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio and filled my paper plate or paint palette with the allotted paint colors. There was a shelf with the 4 colors needed to complete the painting. The art teacher at Canvas and Chardonnay had it measured out for everyone, four pumps of Burnt Sienna, two pumps of black, 3 pumps of red and 4 pumps of white. I went back to my seat and put my apron on. They had two brushes laid out for us, and a mason jar full of water and one napkin to dry our brushes.

A clean slate.

When I was settled in, Denise and her daughter arrived. They each organized their palette and we waited for class to start. There wasn’t much time for chit chat, but we commented on a few of the paintings hanging on the wall and talked about which paintings we liked and which paintings would be easy to teach.

About that time, the teacher, CiCi, introduced herself. She was bubbly and happy. She had on a beautiful, long cobalt blue dress. She had a darling headband on that gave her that bohemian flair. She was the perfect instructor. She talked about not judging your work and loosening up and being free, especially when painting the background.

CiCi started showing and demonstrating how to lay the background on the canvas using the larger brush. The strokes were free, yet had crosshatching action. The edges of the painting we used the Burnt Sienna and a smidge of black if we wanted it a little darker. Then, as we moved toward the middle of the paper, we used more white to give the illusion of a setting sun on the horizon.

We started with the Burnt Sienna and moved to the reddish maroon hills.

We started with the Burnt Sienna and moved to the reddish maroon hills.

Once the background was painted, we all had an opportunity to wash out our brushes at the sink and refill the water in the mason jar. It was kind of a mini intermission. Then, we painted the lower portion of the background. It was a hillside. The hillside was red with touches of black to create a shadowy maroon color.

Next was the tree. We used our smaller round brush for this task. We started by painting the long, main limbs and then adding curly cues to the main branches. We added girth to the trunk and then painted the two birds sitting on the branch. CiCi instructed us to make upside down tear drops for the body, small circles for the head and triangles for the tail. Then we wrote “love” up in the corner of the painting.

Now we add the subject of the painting.

Now we add the subject of the painting.

The final step was to add small hearts to all the branches of the tree. This was simple. She instructed us to make a “V” shape with the brush and voila, we had a hearts. We snapped a few pictures and came away from the class with one totally cute painting and the knowledge to create this same type of event at the yoga studio.



Stay tuned…there will be a fun painting event coming up!

Does anyone have creative outlets they need to feed?

Stay Strong in all that you do!


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