No More Monday Blues

Anyone have the Monday blues? Not me!

Monday used to be…well…Monday, until I started teaching a fitness class on Monday. It sounds odd, but the Sunday evening blahs soon became, sweet, I get to hang out with a wonderful bunch of ladies who are going to motivate me to accomplish a great workout!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, one of my regular class participants asked if we could do an ab challenge of some kind. I thought it was a super way to amp up the excitement for Monday! I suggested we do a “plank challenge.”

Tonight we are starting our 8 day “plank challenge.” We are starting tonight with a one minute plank—piece of cake—and, we are going to increase the time each day until next Monday, July 21st. On the 21st, we will be planking for 6 minutes!

I don’t think there’s another way to beat the Monday blues. So, without further ado, I present to you…3.2.1. at it’s finest and the “plank challenge” of the week.

Stay Strong gals! If you can’t make it tonight, all you need are heavy and light weights, a mat, water and a stop watch. Make time for yourself today. Give yourself one hour to sweat, you won’t regret it!


  • Frog Squats (by popular demand)
  • Lunge in place right side (lunge position and push up through heels and back down)
  • Lunge in place left side

Cardio: High Knees (good for abs too)/1, 2, 3 Knee

Abs: Quick Burpee pop legs out/bring knees in pop at the top


  • Singles/pulse/out in
  • Hammer/pulse/out in
  • Preacher curl

Cardio: Mountain Climber/Bootie Kicks

Abs: Knee Tuck with Twist (push up position/tuck double knee toward opposite elbow


  • Dips on floor with triangle hand as base
  • Overhead extension
  • Press backs

Cardio: Mummy/Front Kicks

*Abs: Rainbow Plank (lift hips in center and drop to the side/keep pulling toes in if they slip)

Note: The Rainbow Plank is the start to our 8 day “plank challenge.”


  • Chest fly with bridge pose
  • Chest Press with bridge pose
  • Push ups

Cardio: Shuffle side to side/Jump squats

Abs: Pilates Abs


  • Windmill
  • Superman
  • Reverse Fly

Cardio: Single Knee Repeater/Ham Curls

Abs: Stair stepper


  • Hold arms out straight with light weights/circle forward/circle backward
  • W/Vs
  • Front Arm Raise and Side Raise

Cardio: Jumping Jacks/Jump Rope

Abs: Side plank with hip dips

Special thanks to one of our Monday night comrades for sharing a few new ab moves to melt that muffin top!

Has anyone else completed an ab challenge, like the “plank challenge?”


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