Moms Make a Difference

Moms (& Dads) Make a Difference

I love Huffington Post! I frequent the Style, Women and Travel sections often-sometimes more than two or three times a day—they post new things, I can’t help it. And today, like many other days, as I was searching for reading material, I found something that made me smile and I wanted to share.

To preface this little gem of an article I found, I thought I would give you a little peek into my childhood. To start, I was that kid who did a little bit of everything. I started playing t-ball at the ripe ol’ age of 5. I took up volleyball as soon as it was offered in grade school. I ran in Little Olympics. I learned to play the violin, briefly. I was in Brownies and then Girl Scouts, again, briefly.

By the time I graduated from grade school I had been team captain and MVP in most all the sports I participated in. In junior high, I gave up the violin and started to play the flute. I was the first chair flute player (and an athlete) and things were going my way.

But, the one thing I remember most about all of my accomplishments was my mom. She was behind me every step of the way. Don’t get me wrong, my dad was present and accounted for too. He was the one who pushed me to be better, but my mom, my mom thought I was a superstar at every event no matter how well or how poorly I played. She was is amazingly supportive!

We never had a lot of money, but my parents could always afford, new shoes and the proper attire for each sport or band concert.

When I was in high school, I focused on volleyball. I stopped playing everything else and played volleyball year round. My mom traveled to almost every volleyball game that I had. During some months of the year, she devoted almost every weekend to traveling to away games, packing lunches, making cookies and other goodies for the team.

And, my senior year, the girls I played volleyball with had been together for a long time. We were a strong team.  We made it through sectionals and then to state. It was a huge accomplishment. And my mom was one of the few who put together goodie bags for all the girls who played. Her and a few other moms decorated our lockers, traveled to the games and cheered the loudest!

I know it isn’t Mother’s Day or my mom’s birthday, but I had to give a shout out to my best friend and mother. I love you for who you are and who you helped me become. Thank you from my heart to yours!

Take a minute to read this Huffington Post article and go give mom a hug!

Was your mom an awesome cheerleader?

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