Where’s the Fitness?

I started this blog back in May with the intention of making it a healthy living blog. However, in the last several weeks I have thought long and hard about what I would like to focus on. I am juggling too many things right now, so, I decided to focus my efforts on writing. If you signed up to read along with my healthy living blog, I apologize for the change in direction.

I hope you continue to read about my journey through life. I will continue to write about my life experiences which will incorporate fitness and healthy living because that is who I am, but I also want this blog to be about writing and making a living as a writer.

My goal is to share my work with readers, provide writing prompts and ways of curing the writing blues or writer’s block. I also want to share my thoughts on books and other magazine articles.

Please stay with me for more fun times as I share my experiences through The Whispering Pen.


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