Chimney Rock Hiking Adventure

It’s Tuesday after a holiday weekend and today snuck up on me. I know it’s Writing Prompt Tuesday, and I have that prepared, but my Flash Fiction piece from last week isn’t finished.

Have you ever had one of those days, or, in my case, one of those weekends where you run around trying to get things done, but nothing really gets accomplished. Well, that was my Labor Day Weekend! I am hoping for lots of writing to happen this week.

So, for today, I bring you Day 2 of the Haiku Challenge and another writing prompt.

Chimney Rock hike in Whitewater State Park.

Chimney Rock hike in Whitewater State Park.

Day 2: Haiku Challenge

Massive Chimney Rock.
Perched on a ledge peering at
summer foliage

Now, about that Flash Fiction Prompt…

Remember the writing prompt isn’t always about getting a final piece completed, but it’s about getting the creativity flowing.

  • Character-Police Officer
  • Setting-Hollow Tree
  • Plot-A character overhears a shocking conversation

Have a great Tuesday!

Did anyone write over the long weekend? If so, what did you write about?



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