Happy 4th Day of the Haiku Challenge!

The Sept/Oct edition of Rochester Women magazine is out. I am thankful once again for the opportunity to write for this publication. The article I wrote for this edition is called Pairing Women with Wine. It’s a lighthearted article about getting your gal pals together and enjoying wine at local wineries. The article is on page 56.

The Fall issue of The Wagazine is now available. I wrote a piece called Happy Hounds. It’s the dos and don’ts of bringing home a new dog or puppy when you already have one.  See page 10. I am also grateful for this opportunity.

And now, for my daily Haiku

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago while on assignment for the St. Charles Press. The American Legion hosted a Flag Retirement Ceremony to honor worn and tattered United States flags.

Before going to this ceremony I always thought burning the flag was a big no-no. Turns out that this is how we honor the United States flag. After the flag is burned to ashes, the ashes are buried like a fallen soldier.

Flag retirement ceremony

Day 4: Haiku Challenge

The tattered cloth wept.
Flames engulfed her one by one;
her ashes remain.

Have a great Thursday!


Did you know that the appropriate way to retire the flag is to burn it and bury the ashes?


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