Does Writer’s Block Exist?

Is writer’s block real?

I don’t suffer from writer’s block. I don’t think I ever have, and I believe this to be true because there are always thoughts that ping pong in my head. There is always room for a journal entry which can be transformed into a personal essay or haiku. I also use writing prompts that inspire me so that I can get something on the paper, even if I later discover that it’s trash.

However, I know this is not true for everyone. As I was reading a fellow writer’s blog, I came across this post by Ryan Lanz from A Writer’s Path. I love how he describes those challenging times when the words aren’t flowing. He refers to it as a knot. That was the perfect explanation for how I feel sometimes—not blocked, just undoing a knot. He also has some clever ways to beat the block.

And now, for my daily Haiku

I took these pictures on Thursday in Winona, Minnesota. I love all forms of art, and graffiti simply intrigues me. I know this is a controversial topic because many graffiti artists use private property as their canvas. I am not encouraging vandalism or trespassing, but when I see artwork, like the images below, I feel it is more beautiful than the train car itself.

So, today my haiku is focused on graffiti instead of nature. All four pictures depict one panoramic painting on a train car.

Graffiti on a train in Winona, Minnesota.

Graffiti on a train in Winona, Minnesota. Graffiti on a train in Winona, Minnesota. Graffiti on a train in Winona, Minnesota.

Day 5: Haiku Challenge

I am mystified.
Bloated shapes and swirling lines,
vivid color passing by.

Happy Friday!

Do you have writer’s block from time to time? 

What are your thoughts on graffiti?


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