Wine Tasting at Elmaro Winery

Saturday was simply amazing! The sun was shining, the temperatures hovered around 70 degrees, and there was a light breeze. Adlai and I decided to spend the day wine tasting and enjoying the beautiful day, so I know you’ll forgive me for not posting my Haiku yesterday. Don’t worry, I have two haiku poems that I’ll post today. But first, a few notes from our day at the winery.

Last summer, we stumbled upon this quaint little winery in Trempeleau, Wisconsin. We loved the wine, so we wanted to indulge in a little of their cold hardy grape wines again.

Elmaro winery in Trempeleau, Wisconsin

Elmaro winery in Trempeleau, Wisconsin

Wine Tasting at Elmaro Winery

Once we arrived at Elmaro, we found a spot at the tasting bar. We selected seven different wines. We began with the drier wines first and moved down the list to the sweeter wines. I like sweet wines more than dry wines, so all of my choices were between semi-sweet and sweet. Adlai had a few more of the drier wines selected.

The first one I tasted was called Three Cheers. I loved this semi-sweet red. It was light and simple and perfect for sipping at any time. The West Prairie White was light and tangy with slight citrus undertones. The Edleweiss was a semi-sweet with hints of pineapple. This was also an easy drinking wine.

The next wine I tried was the Frontenac Gris. This was a full sweet white, like a Moscato. I typically like Moscato, but this was almost too heavy, too sweet. The Elmaro Rosa tasted like grape juice, but apparently won a lot of awards. What do I know?

The fifth wine was called Currant Affair. This one was lovely. Hints of strawberry and currants. Light, easy and fun to drink!

The last two were the Reserve Wines. The LaCrescent Faux Ice Wine was a sweet dessert wine with notes of apricot, peach and pineapple. Outstanding. And, The Fire of 1888 Reserve, which we ended up purchasing, is a port style wine made with Frontenac grapes. It was buttery and warm.

Award winning wines at Elmaro winery in Trempeleau, Wisconsin.

Award winning wines at Elmaro winery.

After we were finished tasting, we ordered hors d’oeuvres that included a rich, creamy, French Brie, Prairie Breeze cheese, Sartori Gold Cheddar/Parmesan, Cranberry Sausage, Jalapeno Sausage, Dalmatia Fig Spread and crackers. It was a wonderful treat!

Tasty snacks from Elmaro kitchen.

Tasty snacks from Elmaro kitchen.

Once we finished the tasting, we went out to the patio to enjoy our hors d’oeuvres.

Enjoying the day Elmaro Winery.

Full tummy, excellent wine and a beautiful day with my husband.

Wine tasting at Elmaro Winery

My handsome and somewhat goofy husband enjoying the 1888 Reserve.

It was one of those days that you don’t want to end. If there happened to be any stress from the week, it disappeared. There were no deadlines, there were no chores and there wasn’t a dirty house that needed to be cleaned. It was my husband and I spoiling our taste buds and talking about everything and nothing.

On our way out, I noticed this little quote painted on the wall at the winery.

Wine is bottle poetry

When it was time to leave we walked through the vineyards to admire the grapes that would soon be next year’s wine.

Hanging out in the Elmaro vineyards.

Hanging out in the vineyards.

Elmaro Vineyard

Adlai hanging out with the grapes in the Elmaro Vineyard.

And now for the haiku challenge…

I thought it was only appropriate to base haiku six and seven on the beautiful day Adlai and I had at the winery.

Luscious grapes at Elmaro winery.

Luscious grapes at Elmaro winery.

Day 6: Haiku Challenge

Plump, juicy, luscious.
Grapes sparkle in the sunlight,
harvest approaching.

A yellow hibiscus plant greeted us at Elmaro Vineyard.

A yellow hibiscus plant greeted us at Elmaro Vineyard.

Day 7: Haiku Challenge

Golden Hibiscus.
Delicate petals warming
in the radiant sun.

What are your favorite vineyards?





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