City Streets

I grew up in a small town and told everyone that I would never live in a small town just as soon as I became an adult. And it was true for many years. I lived in Dallas, Denver, Boston and St. Louis.

When I decided to leave the corporate world and become a teacher, I moved back to that same small town that I grew up in. I sucked it up. I tried to “bloom where I was planted.” And I did for several years. Then, when I married Adlai, we moved to another small town.

In the past several months, both of us have been searching for something…we aren’t sure what, but something different. I am no longer a teacher and I am trying to make a living as a writer which is tough in a small town.

At times I think living in a larger city would fill the void that we often feel in our small town. Don’t get me wrong, we love the people we have met here, but there is something missing.

Today, I took the day off from work and drove to the cities with my friend for a LinkedIn presentation. My current goal is to network and meet new people so that I can find more work as a freelance writer.

So, for today’s haiku, I thought a nice scene from the city would be perfect. This picture is one I took in August of 2013 during my trip to London.

Traffic in Trafalgar Square in London.

Traffic jam in Trafalgar Square in London.

Haiku Challenge: Day 9

Tires turn and brakes squeak;
horns blast at every corner.
Wait to cross the street.

It’s Tuesday and it’s writing prompt day!

  • Character-Dancer
  • Setting-Convenience Store
  • Plot-A character’s life changes when a store goes out of business

Set the timer for 15 minutes and start writing!

Do you like the city life or the country life?




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