An Afternoon in Red Wing

Yes, I am behind on my haiku poems, but today is catch up day. I have lots of fun chores to finish (ha), a little writing to accomplish and a painting to create. I have another Wine & Canvas event coming up on Friday the 19th. But first, a little slice of Minnesota life.

Saturday, Adlai and I went to Red Wing. It was another beautiful day. The sun was shining, it was chilly, but gorgeous nonetheless. We hopped in the car and took the back roads to Red Wing. My only wish was that I had more energy to enjoy the day. Last week was another busy week and I needed some time to relax…point being, I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was tired, and we ended up leaving earlier than expected.

First, we stopped for lunch. It was late afternoon and most of the restaurants were closed or were only serving a few menu items. We ended up with a couple of sandwiches from the local coffee shop.

After lunch, we walked through downtown Red Wing. One of our first stops was the Red Wing Shoe retail store. Red Wing, Minnesota is home to the famous Red Wing boots. The retail store also included a museum with the largest boot in the world.

The largest boot in the world is at the Red Wing museum in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Now that’s a big boot!

The museum had a lot of information about the types of leather used and different methods of cutting and the construction of the boots.

I used to sew a lot, so I thought this little gem deserved a spot in the post too.

An industrial sewing machine at the Red Wing Boot museum.

An industrial sewing machine at the Red Wing Boot museum.

Scissor storage

A little alcove to store a pair of scissors.

After our trip through the museum, we headed over to the Red Wing Confectionery. They had an array of chocolate candy…we decided on a dark chocolate and peanut butter truffle and an Amaretto truffle.

Truffles from the local confectionery.

Truffles from the local confectionery.

After the confectionery, we stopped in a book store. I am a sucker for used book stores because I hate paying full price for books. While we were looking around, the clerk asked us if we had been in the book store before. We told him no, and he said their policy was to gift one book per person for first timers.

He asked us which genre or author we preferred, he picked a book and gave us a few minutes to read about the book. If we liked it, he told us to keep it. Of course, that made us want to buy another book since we were getting a free one. We left with 4 books for $12. Not bad…I picked a Stephen King and a Harlan Coben book. Adlai found something on hunting.

After that, we meanered through an antique shop and then headed home.

Haiku Challenge

On to my haiku poems. I couldn’t resist this little piece of art. There were several boots that various artists had painted in Red Wing. This one was my favorite. The other image is a late summer sky, and the last one is from the Badlands.

Street Art in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Day 12: Haiku Challenge

Whimsical artwork
illustrates life in Red Wing.
Stop and have a look.


Late summer sky

Day 13: Haiku Challenge

Above the treetops
watching a late summer sky—
gray and pink clouds sigh.

The Badlands

Day 14: Haiku Challenge

What dwells in the hills?
Summer is too hot — survive
the dry, chalky land.

I finished reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. Details regarding the book in tomorrow’s post.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday!


What’s everyone reading?

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