I’m Falling for Autumn

We are days away from the fall equinox, but, in my mind, when the leaves start changing colors, fall has arrived. I walked around my neighborhood Monday evening with my camera in tow. I snapped a few pictures of the maple leaves that had already started taking on a new color.

I liked this one…its time had come. The leaf had matured into a beautiful and orange-hued maple leaf and left the comfort of the big maple tree. It was resting gently on the ground.

Autumn colorful maple leaf

Day 16: Haiku Challenge

Veins long and leggy.
Maple leaf changing color—
now, autumn is here.

As I continue my haiku challenge, I wanted to highlight the importance of ‘Morning Pages.’ About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. She teaches her students to be “unblocked artists” by writing “Morning Pages,” or essentially, keeping a journal.

Since I have always kept a journal, it was a natural transition for me to write every morning. She prescribed three pages using ink and paper. I completed these pages for years, until one day I just stopped. I put the pages away for several years, and then began writing them again.

At this stage in my life, I write them for a few months and take a month or two off and repeat that cycle over and over. Recently, I found myself in need of the pages again. I always need them, but I don’t always write them. So Tuesday morning, I found myself scribing words, thoughts, dreams and prayers inside my journal.

A notebook and pen to jot down thoughts.

Day 17: Haiku Challenge

Words flooding from my
pen. Dreams scattered on paper
line, by line, by line.

The “Morning Pages” are honest and truthful. They always uncover what I am thinking, but sometimes ignoring on the surface. My husband and I love the Southwest. Arizona and New Mexico always come up in conversation when it comes to living in a new location. I found myself writing about the Southwest today.

So tonight, I found a decorative ceramic plate my mom gave to me on one of her trips to the Southwest. It resides in my china cabinet for now. Maybe some day it will have a mate and I will use them for more than decor.

Ceramic Decorative Spanish Plate

Day 18: Haiku Challenge

Flower petals are
bursting with warm yellow hues—
art of the Southwest.

I hope you have had a great week and accomplished all the writing goals you set.

Has anyone read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? What is your take on the book?


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