Learning About Reiki

Hello! I hope you had a great Tuesday!

I am working on a piece for a publication called The Radish. It is a healthy living magazine that encourages people to lead healthy lives. The piece focuses on a holistic treatment called Reiki.

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting two women who are Reiki practioners. Diane Anderson and Amy Sapola met me at a place called Hermitage Farm in Rochester, Minnesota. Anderson is a Reiki master and wellness coach who assists people who have chronic stress or illnesses like cancer. And, Sapola is currently attending Reiki classes to become a certified Reiki master.

The publication is coming out in November and I will be sure to share it right here on The Whispering Pen. On to the haiku challenge…

Day 23: Haiku Challenge

Our bodies are tense—
trust in those who can channel
energy that heals.

Has anyone heard of Reiki?

Have a lovely Wednesday!



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