Comfort Food to the Rescue

A disaster at work, a melt down after ruining one painting for Wine and Painting, four writing assignments, two events for The Press and the Blacklight Bubble Party over the weekend has left me a little under the weather. Nothing major yet, hoping my healthy body plows through the head congestion and cold chills.

Since I wasn’t feeling well last night, I opted for comfort food instead of a four mile run. Not exactly what I had in mind, but I am sure my feeble muscles enjoyed laying on the couch with the book 24 Hours by Greg Isles.

The comfort food made me a little nostalgic last night. I cracked open a can of Vegetarian Vegetable, by Campbell’s, and toasted a grilled cheese sandwich with wheat bread, butter and Muenster cheese.

I felt like a grade school student eating in the cafeteria. Except the cafeteria grilled cheese was always made with stale white bread…and the cheese…well that’s questionable. The kitchen staff always served grilled cheese with tomato soup. But, by the time I sat down to eat, the tomato soup was always cold. The kitchen staff insisted on filling the bowls and putting them on the long dining tables as kids lined up to pay for lunch.

And because the Haiku Challenge has me thinking in short bursts, I thought a haiku from last night’s dinner would be appropriate.

Comfort Food

Haiku Challenge

Seeking remedies.
Warm and toasty bread and cheese.
Hints of nostalgia.

What is your favorite comfort food dish?


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