Are You Ready to Publish a Book?

Wherever you are in the writing process, I have a podcast that may be of interest to you.

Several weeks ago, after I exhausted my interest in Ted Talks, I started searching for a podcast relevant to writers.

My search on itunes led me to the podcast produced by Ani Chibukhchyan from Armenia, she goes by the pen name Ani Alexander. Ani interviews authors who have been through the process of writing and self-publishing books. Her interviews include topics about the writing process in general, what inspires writers, book covers, editors, pricing the book, self-publishing books on Amazon and many other topics.

These podcasts are a wealth of information and I recommend any author at any stage to visit her podcast.

Ani Alexander is a best selling author, podcaster and storyteller. Her podcast is Write 2B Read.

Tell me what you think about the podcast Write 2B Read and Ani Alexander.


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