Touring the Mayowood Mansion

Sunday is here already. Where do the weekends go?

I want to first say thank you to all of my readers. I have been blogging since June, and this week I reached 100 followers, thank you.

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Maywood Mansion

My energy level is back after getting zapped last week with a cold. One of my goals this weekend was to tour the Mayowood Mansion. If you know anything about Rochester, Minnesota, it’s famous for the Mayo Clinic. It is a world-renowned hospital caring for people from all over the world.

Welcome to Mayowood Mansion

The Mayowood Mansion was built by the surgeon, Dr. William Worrall Mayo in 1910. He and his wife were responsible for starting the Mayo Clinic. The mansion was also lived in by one of his sons, but in 1965 the family donated the mansion to the Olmsted County Historical Society.

The mansion was situated on a wooded hillside overlooking the Zumbro River Valley. Historic Mayowood Mansion was once the center of a 3,000 acre estate. If I am not mistaken the mansion itself has 32,000 square feet. It was difficult to get a good picture of the mansion because it was on the hillside.

Touring Mayowood Mansion

This is the front view of the estate with a grand staircase leading to the front doors.

Touring Mayowood Mansion on a beautiful fall afternoon.

This is a side view of the mansion.

I was hoping to take pictures of the interior, but like most museums, no photos were allowed.

The interior was lavish. There were Persian rugs, Spanish mirrors with gold gilded frames, tea sets, portraits of the family members, canopy beds and more. It felt like royalty had lived there.

Touring Mayowood Mansion

Touring Mayowood Mansion and checking out the chrysanthamums.

Touring Mayowood Mansion

Touring Mayowood Mansion

There is a walking path leading through the grounds in front of the mansion.

After my tour was over, there were about 15 Model T Fords in the parking lot. There was a group who came to the mansion for a tour…I guess it was the Model T Ford club.

Touring Mayowood Mansion and Model T Ford


Touring Mayowood Mansion

If you are in the Rochester area, I recommend visiting the Mayowood Mansion. The tour was $14/person and worth it. The docent was knowledgeable and loved every minute of giving the tour. I think she was little star struck by the Mayo family and the mansion.

Have you ever toured a mansion or a castle?




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