A Visit to the Orchard

Monday started with a smile and I think it was leftover from the weekend. I finally had a weekend to fill the well, and it was the perfect weekend.

Sunday, Adlai and I drove to Sekapp Orchard in Rochester. It’s on a main highway, but it’s still off the beaten path. I passed by Sekapp on my way home from Rochester last Friday and decided that I wanted to purchase a pumpkin from them this year.

A visit to the orchard.

It was a pleasant surprise upon arrival because they had so much to offer. There were colorful mums…

Picking out mums

Mini pumpkins and gourds…

mini pumpkins at the Orchard

A visit to the orchard

Red and green peppers…

A visit to the orchard

Lots and lots of pumpkins…

A visit to the orchard to buy pumpkins.

And one happy girl who found the perfect pumpkin.

A visit to the orchard to pick out a pumpkin.

My weekend was filled with many wonderful activities and people, and I wanted to leave you with this little nugget from writer, Anne Lamott.

“There is ecstasy in paying attention.” Anne Lamott

May you always have the time and patience to pay attention to the mini pumpkins, gourds and mums around you.



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