Here We Go Basho

After a few dreary days, I thought autumn was sliding closer into winter. But today we have beautiful skies and 50 degrees, though the wind is a bit chilly. I won’t complain because I love to see the sunshine.

As I continue my studies through The Portable MFA, I thought I would share a few more tips and a haiku.

First, continue to commit to 45 minutes of writing each day. I won’t lie, I missed Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But rather than being frustrated, I accepted that I don’t always have time to do everything on my list.


Generate a poem from a phrase, image or experience from your daily writing. Time and freedom seem to be a theme for me.

Pick one poem and one poet to focus on. I am working on haiku poetry, so I chose Basho.

The lilies!
The stems, just as they are,
the flowers, just as they are.


I love the poem about lilies because it expresses love and admiration for each element of the lilies. Nothing more. Nothing less. Enjoy the beauty right in front of you.

Freedom Haiku

How can I expect
to fly when I hold on so tight.
To be free, let go.

Do you have a favorite poet?


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