Burrr, Winter is Here!

I noted yesterday that although the winter solstice hadn’t begun, in my eyes, winter had officially arrived because it was spitting ice, it was pitch black by 5:30 p.m., and I had to run on a treadmill. And today, it was confirmed. Snow. And not a dusting of it either. There was three or four inches, and the roads were icy too.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write my first winter weather haiku.

Winter is here!

Winter Weather Haiku

The door is ajar—
Piercing air hovers over
heavy, damp snow.

Tuesday’s Writing Tips:

The Devil in the Details

We’ve reached week three in the poetry section of The Portable MFA. Focus on sensory details, images that capture and evoke your experience. All things that you feel, dream or think about. Search for the perfect details.

Continue writing for 45 minutes each day (I am getting better), there are a couple of writing prompts you may want to consider exploring.

There are seven listed in the book, but I’ll give a few for inspiration:

  1. Describe a place you’ve never considered including in a poem.
  2. Write about hunger.
  3. Write about an article of clothing: the feel, smell, color of it.

Continue researching your favorite poet, try to discern feelings, emotions, dreams or thoughts the poet was thinking.

Week 1 poetry tips

Week 2 poetry tips

Who spends time reading and studying poetry each day?


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