Poetry Taking Shape

Tuesday’s Writing Tips

As I cruise through the Portable MFA in Creative Writing, it’s time for the poetry to take shape. It’s time to discover the length of the lines and stanzas, pay attention to rhyme schemes and punctuation.

I feel like I am deviating a bit from this book since I am writing haiku, so I purchased a book specifically for haiku, The Haiku Anthology.

Cor Van Den Heuvel, the author who compiled The Haiku Anthology states,

“Haiku help us to experience the everyday things around us vividly and directly, so we see them as they really are, as bright and fresh as they were when we first saw them as children. Haiku is basically about living with intense awareness, about having an openness to the existence around us—a kind of openness that involves seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.”

Jim Boyd writes,

morning surf
a dog fills the sky
with seagulls.

I love this haiku.  I feel present. I feel like I am at the beach even though I am pulling memories of my own experiences at the beach.

I can recall seagulls flocking on the sand and taking flight when someone or something invades their space.

The goal for daily writing is to first review the Handbook of Poetic Forms. Write a sonnet, a sestina, a pantoum and lyrics for a song rap. The Portable MFA recommends June Jordan’s work for rap examples.

Again, I am deviating a bit with my haiku, but I want to continue to share information from the Portable MFA..

 What type of poetry do you like to write?


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