Week Five: MFA Creative Writing Tips

Tuesday’s Writing Tips

What’s Free About Free Verse?

We are working on free verse, line length and risk this week. Ask yourself:

  1. How do the lines work?
  2. How do they begin?
  3. How and where do they stop?

Notice the word that sits on the end of each line. These words catch your eye…and tell your story.

Good poems are, on some level, a mystery. Where a line is broken creates part of the beauty and magic of the poem.

Since I am working on haiku, I am going to try and deviate from the 5-7-5 structure and experiment with line length and punctuation or lack of it.

Fear Haiku

are you afraid?
do your thoughts send shivers
she walks alone

This week, you may like to explore another poet. Pick one to focus on and examine their line length and free verse. Take a risk! Keep writing, reading and growing.

Most of the thoughts above are from my trusty Portable MFA. I hope you are finding some of Tuesday’s tips to be beneficial.

If you would like to look back on the last few weeks, here are the links:

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Have you explored new ways of writing poetry? I encourage you to deviate from your standard poems. 

Have a great Tuesday!


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