2014 has left me feeling like a gerbil on a wheel going around and around.  I have been running from place to place with little time for myself checking things off of my to-do list.

Gerbil on a wheel reflection on 2014

Perhaps 2014 was about laying the foundation for 2015. Most of the time, the phrase, The Only Constant is Change, seems to apply to my lifestyle, but not this year, and not by choice.

I’ve put feelers out in search of new roads to travel and new doors to open, but many doors I have opened have been closed before I could step inside. reflecting on 2014

At this point, I turn, walk away from each beautiful door and search for another. For now, I continue to run along in the tiny, claustrophobic gerbil wheel.

While waiting for a new door to open, I’m grateful for many wonderful things in my life. This year, I’ve written for a variety of publications in the Rochester area.

The most memorable article was about a Drag Queen for the publication, Rochester Women Magazine. The article was so much fun to write, and the Drag Show was an interesting event to attend!

I also began writing a wine column for Rochester Women Magazine.

Hanging out in the Elmaro vineyards.

Hanging out in the vineyards.

In 2014, I had articles published in RW, Radish Magazine, The Wagazine, Experience Rochester and the local newspaper.

The adventurer in me went on several hikes and snowshoeing excursions in Whitewater State Park. I also ran my first 10K! I’m not a fast runner, but I ran the whole way and crossed the finish line!

My first 10K

Almost home! Hubby was cheering me on!

My husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in July. Our celebration led us to the Black Hills and the Badlands in South Dakota.

Tunnels on Needles Highway!

The tunnels were a tight squeeze!

Needles Highway, Custer State Park, South Dakota.

A beautiful day for a drive!

Fifth Anniversary trip to South Dakota

Last day of our fifth anniversary vacation!

In August, I started teaching Wine & Canvas events with a friend so that I could exercise another creative bone in my body. To my surprise, the events have been very successful. Denise and I hosted six different Wine & Canvas events and one children’s event.

Painting Gladiolus at Wine & Canvas

A demonstration on how to paint Gladiolus flowers.

But best of all, I started this blog! To all of you who have commented, liked and followed this little blog of mine, thank you! I love sharing my life experiences one haiku at a time. I look forward to building relationships with other bloggers and sharing more experiences.

Despite all of the challenges, I’ve enjoyed 2014, but I’m looking forward to 2015. May there be at least one door that stays open long enough for me to step inside. Cheers to you all! Thank you again for your readership!

Reflecting on 2014


Reflection Haiku:

be in the present
touch, taste, smell, hear—
remember to dream


What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

Have a safe and happy New Year!


Cascading Snowflake

As the temperature hovers around -4º today, I’m trying to make the best of it by dreaming of all the beauty that winter brings. I love this snowflake image! Stay warm my friends in frigid areas!


Photo credit:


Snowflake Haiku:

glistening snowflake
cascading end over end
winter landscape


 Have a great Tuesday! Tuesday’s Tips returns next week.


Striving to be Better

The following haiku was written in September during the Haiku Challenge. I have once again taken the opportunity to rewrite it and see where it takes me.

The first rewrite uses the last line from the original haiku. The second rewrite is a modified version of the original haiku.


Words flooding from my
pen. Dreams scattered on paper
line, by line, by line.


line, by line, by line—
cries from the audience
curtains close


Ink flowing
creating dreams on paper—


Have you ever used the last line of a poem or haiku to create a new one?


Rebel Rousers

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Original Haiku:

I am mystified.
Bloated shapes and swirling lines,
vivid color passing by


rebel rousers spray
old buildings and trains—
billowy shapes and lines

Has anyone ever created graffiti on the side of a train or building? I haven’t…I guess I’m not a rebel rouser.

Have a fantastic Monday!


Wine & Canvas: Whimsical Winter Tree

We had a packed house at Wine & Canvas last Friday night. This was a private class to celebrate a birthday! As always, there were many unique backgrounds and trees. While everyone was painting, laughter and giggling filled the room—that is always a good sign. Thanks again to all who were able to join us.

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Whimsical Winter Haiku

Swirling snow
floating from sky
tips of branches glisten


I hope you have had a happy weekend!


Change is Inevitable

Tonight, Denise and I are hosting our final Wine & Canvas event for 2014! I still haven’t finished the painting. Thankfully, we are starting later than usual so I have a little time to finish the whimsical tree.


Today, I found a haiku I wrote in September. I decided to use part of the last line to create another haiku.

Here’s the original: 

Mossy river bank—
little nooks and crannies are
filled with the unknown

Here’s the rewrite: 

the unknown
slithers into my mind—
inevitable change

Are you afraid of the unknown or do charge forward with confidence?

Have a great weekend!