Take a Risk!

Tuesday’s Writing Tips:

Portable MFA in Creative Writing

Week 6: More About Risk

Celebrate anything that motivates you to write poetry. If you are a writer who feels each time you write that you know the subject of your poem and all the feelings you have about it, force yourself to shift your focus to what is unknowable, elusive, perhaps almost unnamable.

Go back through the journal you have been keeping for the last several weeks. What haunts you? Are you obsessed with anything? Write it. Create a poem.

Here are seven prompts to help you shift your focus:

  1. The last lie I told…
  2. I was mistaken
  3. Whatever it was, I’ve forgotten…
  4. I said it, but I didn’t believe it…
  5. In the dream I was…
  6. No, what I really meant…
  7. When you weren’t listening…

I love these prompts! I am going to share a haiku for the next seven days using one of the aforementioned writing prompts!

The White Lie Haiku

In my mind’s eye
it was only a white lie
but, I…can’t stop

I love breaking rules.

Do you like to follow rules when  you write or do you prefer to explore uncharted territory?



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