Time and Space from Week 7

Tuesday’s Writing Tips:

Portable MFA in Creative Writing

Week 7: Time and Space

This week the book talks about stanzas that are concerned with time, and the space between the stanzas. Because I am writing haiku, I am tweaking the lessons a bit.

This week, look back at some poems or haiku by other authors. Read several to yourself and notice any breaks in the poem and how it affects you as the reader.

This week right in someone else’s voice. It can be a character or someone from the street or someone you know intimately.

When you shift the poem does the feeling, the tension, the conflict seem to drain out of the poem? Or is some new energy injected into the poem by taking the “I” away?

I love that this point came up…switching point of view. I have tried this already.

The Hate in Her Eyes Haiku

the hate in her eyes
means the time has come
she’s back on the road ’til….

I wanted to capture the anger a parent may feel being pushed on the road to increase sales for their company. That feeling of leaving behind your family and friends for another day or two or three.

This isn’t my lifestyle, but I used to travel all the time. I don’t know what life would have been like if I would have had my family close to me. Thankfully, I work and I come home for the most part.

Does anyone spend a lot of time away from family?


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