The Tea Room at Maywood Mansion

In October, I went to the Mayowood Mansion. I wrote a haiku about the tea room located on the property. I went through the creative checklist and I discovered a few things that I wanted to revise. Rather than focusing on the room, why not focus on what goes on in the room.

Touring Mayowood Mansion

This is the original:

Mayowood Mansion Tea Room Haiku

A tea room sits on
a hillside. Waiting for guests—
now, it’s time for tea


Here is the rewrite:

Mayowood Mansion Tea Room Haiku

An exquisite teapot
black tea leaves steep—

I focused more on the subject as prescribed in The Portable MFA’s Creative Checklist. I also like the unity of the last word of each line.

What is your process for revising a poem?

 Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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