A Bit of Bubbly

Wednesday is finally here! I think this is the longest week of my life. OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but seriously, hurry up Friday! I find it difficult to be back to the grind working that 40 hour week after having three day weeks the last part of December.

But, I have some great news. I am excited to announce the January/February issue of Rochester Women Magazine is now available. I wrote about sparkling wines and hard ciders for this issue. I had lots of fun tasting with my friend Kathy and my hubby!

The article is called A Bit of Bubbly and it’s located on page 25.

And, for today’s haiku I had a little help from a fellow blogger, Ryan Lanz. He provides weekly prompts, although probably not for haiku, in his Ten Quote Tuesday Installments. I used this prompt:

Life’s recipe—
encourage happiness, add love
and a smile

If you have a prompt you would like to share, send it to me and I’ll use it for a haiku.

Do you use poetry prompts?


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