Thank You!

I want to start this post by thanking all of my readers. As of today, I have 300 followers! I am so grateful for all of your support. My goal is to continue to find more engaging content for all of you, as well as searching for others who are a part of this blogging community. I have had the great fortune to stumble across some excellent blogs. You all are very inspiring! Keep up the great work!

And, for my haiku today, I refer to a random act of kindness that happened to me on Saturday. I went to Cabin Coffee for a tasty soy latte with caramel and someone had put $10 on my coffee card! I sent out a thank you on FaceBook hoping someone would fess up, but my note was unsuccessful. My guess is I won’t ever know, so, the only thing I can do is pay it forward.

A stranger’s gesture—
a smile settles on my face
as I sip coffee

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindess? Did you pay it forward? What did you do?


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