The Bungalow

Happy Friday!

I have been quiet as of late merely posting haiku and of course writing tips every Tuesday. I have had my nose in books since mid-January. I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last month and started The Girl Who Played with Fire at the beginning of February. I am hooked on this trilogy by Stieg Larsson and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery.

The trilogy is written in third person and contains straightforward prose. There aren’t a lot of flowery descriptions, but enough information that paints an interesting and clear picture of each scene as well as the characters.

Because it’s a trilogy, the backstory for the protagonist  and supporting characters are sprinkled into each story at a slow but steady pace (although I cannot speak for book three yet). The content is often graphic, but necessary to understand the full scope of each mystery presented in the books.

I took a breather from the Wine & Canvas events in January, but I have another one booked for February 13th, and then, on March 7th, I am doing a birthday party painting event for pre-teen girls.

This weekend, I am driving to the Twin Cities to attend a class called, The Art and Practice of Interviewing, at The Loft Literary Center. Most of my freelance work consists of interviewing people to obtain quotes for articles, and though I feel confident interviewing others, I feel I could also learn a thing or two from a more experienced journalist.

Then it’s date night with hubby. I can’t wait to find a new restaurant in the Cities to experience!

Have a wonderful weekend! I leave you with today’s haiku:

Beautiful Bungalow Haiku

a bungalow
at the end of the road—
cats in the window


Has anyone read the Millennium Trilogy? What did you think?



3 thoughts on “The Bungalow

  1. I have read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – it was a friends turn to pick. Well, let me tell you, she was sorry she did!!! I would call her up in the middle of the night, afraid to go to bed!! LOL Especially the end, with the basement! EEEKKK!!!!! Not my genre, but great read and well written!! 🙂 Needless to say, I didn’t read any more of them after.

    • Lisa,
      I know the feeling. For some reason I am drawn to true crime, mystery, pyschological thrillers and the like. I have been afraid to go to bed many nights. I read the Ted Bundy story, the Night Stalker aka Richard Ramirez, Helter Skelter and other terrifying books. So far, book 2 in the Millenium Trilogy is fantastic, though it may keep you up at night…Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your readership 🙂

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