A Wondrous Universe

I have been trying to focus on the power of positive thinking. My grandfather introduced me to the teachings of Wayne Dyer (a self-help guru) 20 or so years ago. He bought me a six cassette tape set about manifesting your desires. I can’t remember the name, but I held onto it for years, until the tapes were inaudible.

Since then I have purchased a couple of Dyer’s books and have had friends give me some of his books. There have been so many points in my life where I have been disappointed and even depressed about a variety of events that have happened in my life. Those times, I was not living with the power of positive thinking which led me to a weakened state of mind, thus making the situation that much worse.

Well, as of late, I have been singing the blues again and have realized that Dyer needs to be apart of my life again so that I can get back on track and manifest good things in my life.

I leave you with a quote from Dyer and a haiku based on how his quote makes me feel.

“To me, it’s an insult to this wondrous universe filled with a hundred million miracles to ever allow myself to think thoughts of boredom or apathy.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

wondrous universe haiku

 thoughts evaporate
but not without consequence—
remove your ego


Are there influential people in your life that help you through the tough times?


10 thoughts on “A Wondrous Universe

  1. I have found Joel Osteen’s inspirational youtube videos so full of positivity that I log on to any of them when I feel down in the dumps.
    I also read books by Normal Vincent Peale- they help a lot.

    • Ah yes, the gratitude journal! Great suggestion, I may have to do that. I write in a journal aobut 4-5 times a week and expressing gratitude is something that would keep my spirits high! 🙂

  2. I find that just reading something with positive words between the pages helps me but if I’m in fiction reading mode then anything by Og Mandino helps. Oh, and the Magic of Thinking Big 🙂

  3. Thoughts are the basic building blocks of life, setting off the thought-action-habit-character-destiny chain. Good action and its eventual beneficial outcome arises from good thought. Ego is an illusory construct of the mind and an unhealthy ego clouds thinking to mislead it in the direction of failure. Your haiku appears to capture this essence, Nicole…best wishes… Raj.

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