Magazine Writing: Research Plan

Tuesday’s Writing Tips: 

Portable MFA in Creative Writing: Formulate a Research Plan

Lots of magazines offer research guidelines, which advise you to ask for transcripts, tapes and citations for information included in the article; and for phone numbers or other contact information for those being interviewed.

Most larger magazines have fact-checkers on staff, who go through every article carefully, looking for possible errors. Your name is on the article and if there are errors you’ll take the blame. (The magazines I work for don’t have fact-checkers, the editor is the fact-checker.)

So, in order to help out those fact-checkers keep phone numbers and research material handy. It’s advised to keep a notebook or file on your computer with all relevant information.

Next week we’ll discuss Interviewing.

I couldn’t decide on one haiku, so I wrote two. Haiku of the day:

affirmation steps to dreams haiku

sinking sun
dips below the horizon—
one stone at a time

I leap towards
the sinking sun—
it slips out of view


The step I am taking is to jot down my dreams in a notebook today.

What are you going to do to get one step closer to your dreams?



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