Dream a Little Dream

We can all use positive influence from time to time. I found this quote from Napoleon Hill today and felt it deserved a spot on my blog. Whatever it is that you are doing, BE GREAT!

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Today’s Haiku:

sitting at a desk
dreaming each minute away
a plan in motion


It believe it takes a dream to set that plan in motion. So go ahead and dream a little dream!

Today, I am going to bring a smile to each person that I meet. Tell me, what small thing are you going to do today?

Have a good one! The weekend is almost here!


15 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream

    • Oh, such a good one. Silence is so precious to me. There is a lot of extraneous noise that can be difficult to mute. Good luck! I wish you the silence you need and deserve.


  1. For me, Nicole, nothing is big and small, things are either interesting or uninteresting. Life is about executing every interesting act or piece of work as perfectly as one’s potential would permit, and all significant events are cumulative results of perfectly executed little acts building up to climatic ends over a period of time. What is my interesting act this week? Well, it is responding to your post giving my view-point. Napoleon Hill’s statement is a timeless piece of wisdom, and I liked your haiku inspired by it…best wishes… Raj.

    • Raj, I appreciate the thoughtful response. I love your viewpoint. In reflecting on the past, you are right…small acts building to the climatic ending.

      Thank you!

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