Girl on the Go: Gettin’ Sudsy

As I near a milestone birthday, I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to experience. And rather than letting them roll around in my mind, I decided to start a list. Yes, a sort of Bucket List if you will. Rather than using the term Bucket List, I am going to organize my thoughts and keep a list called, Girl on the Go!

Each Friday, I’m going to add another item to my list so I can start planning. Some items on the list are going to take longer to accomplish because of the cost involved or the distance traveled. However, some of these adventures are going to be easier to accomplish.

I’m starting with an easy, but fun adventure. I met the owner of Simple Soaps for Simple Folks several months ago at one of the Wine and Canvas events I hosted. I’ve been in her shop and purchased some of her handmade soaps for myself and some for my friends. They are absolutely divine! They smell so good!

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, the first item to hit the Girl on the Go list is to make goat’s milk soap. Lucky for me, Shanna, the owner, offers a class. I have a couple of friends that signed up with me for a class in April 2015!!

Soap making adventure and haiku

Image credit: Simple Soaps for Simple Folks


Today’s Haiku:

divine soaps
hand-crafted with love
soft and fragrant


 Has anyone made soap before? What should I expect?

Have a fantastic weekend! I am taking the day off from my blog tomorrow, but I’ll be back on Sunday with a haiku created with a prompt from Haiku Horizons.



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