Magazine Writing: Structuring the Article

Tuesday’s Writing Tips: 

Portable MFA in Creative Writing: Magazine Writing

Structuring the Article: 

You’ve got to know what your story is before you can tell it. The main story is the backbone or spine of your article, and without it, your article will lack cohesion, ramble all over the place, and ultimately move away from the story every so often, only to return later.

Another factor that affects article structure is voice and tone. Your voice depends on the audience you’re trying to reach and the subject. For example, if you are writing a piece on cancer treatments, you want to use a very authoritative voice, one that assures the reader you’ve done your research. If you are doing a piece for a young, hip magazine, you might want a voice with a little attitude.

Finding a voice isn’t difficult. Think about all the voices you have when talking to your boss, or your parents or your best friend.

Next week: The Lead

I highly recommend The Portable MFA in Creative Writing. It’s on Amazon for under $13 right now. This book discusses Fiction, Memoir/Personal Essay, Poetry and Magazine Articles. The information I have been providing for the past several months has been from this book.

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Today’s Haiku

moon at dusk
suspended above mountains
shining all alone


Does anyone have an MFA in Creative Writing? Is it useful?

Have a great Tuesday!



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