Girl on the Go: Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

Happy Friday!

For my Girl on the Go list, aka the bucket list, today I am adding another easy one. I want to tour/visit a Frank Lloyd Wright home. There is one in Spring Green, Wisconsin called The Taliesin. I believe that’s only a couple of hours from where I live.

taliesin frank lloyd wright haiku


Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin

Today’s Haiku:

cascade of sunlight
shadows dancing across
warm stones

Has anyone visited a Frank Lloyd Wright home? 

Have a beautiful weekend!




12 thoughts on “Girl on the Go: Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

  1. Beautiful house. I have always been into architecture, but never any more than just admiring. I remember as a kid flipping through Architectural Digest Magazine for hours. Weird thing to do for a kid that was normally very active outdoors…

    • That is a great magazine. I too was active and outdoorsy…I still am…but in my youth, I loved fashion magazines and even Architectural Digest. I thought about going into interior design in college, but changed my mind a million times and finally settled on a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in drawing and painting.

    • Yes, I will post images. I am hoping they allow photos in the home. I am not sure when I will be able to go…I am thinking late spring or summer. Thanks for your interest! I love Frank Lloyd Wright too.

  2. I’ve never visited any of his houses but the photos look great. Side note, have you ever read “The Women,” by T.C. Boyle? Very good, interesting read. Fictionalized biography about Frank Lloyd Wright. I believe T.C. Boyle lives or has lived in one of his homes. Have a great weekend!

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