Girl on the Go: Roller Derby

Hey, Hey, it’s Friday!

For my Girl on the Go list, aka the bucket list, today I am adding one that I can check off this Saturday night! Yes, it’s true, two bucket list items in one weekend! Tonight I’m making goat’s milk soap and tomorrow I am going to watch Roller Derby!

I’m sure it would be way more exciting if I were participating in Roller Derby, but I have no desire to do that—watching sounds just fine to me.

roller derby haiku


Today’s Haiku:

rustling, thumping
intertwined feet screech and halt—
clamoring crowd


Have you ever watched or participated in Roller Derby?

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4 thoughts on “Girl on the Go: Roller Derby

  1. Roller Derby sounds like tons of fun- either watching or participating! I haven’t done either, but I have used homemade goat’s milk soap (made by someone else as I’m not crafty). It is great for your skin! Enjoy a fun weekend! 🙂

    • Yes, I am going to make goat’s milk soap at a local business. The owner makes and sells the soaps and recently started offering classes. I am going with a few friends. 🙂

      You have a good weekend too!

  2. Have fun tomorrow night, Nicole. I’ve been to Roller Derby. It was a lot of fun and I keep saying I want to go again. I’m interested in hearing about your goat’s milk soap making night! Have a great weekend.

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