Suds Are So Much Fun!

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday night I was able to fulfill an item from my Girl on the Go list! I learned how to make soap. It wasn’t quite as hands on as I thought it would be, but I learned the process.

There’s actually a lot involved in making soap. The measurements must all be exact, the ingredients must be mixed in the correct order and the goat’s milk (instructor uses milk from her own goats) used in making the soap must start out frozen because when lye is added it melts the milk into the correct consistency.

Once the mixture is complete, then, it’s poured into molds. The molds with the mixture must sit, wrapped in a towel for two days, then put into the freezer for one day. After that, the soap is in solid form and removed from the container. It must sit out in the open for six weeks before it can be used.

The woman who owns Simple Soaps for Simple Folks creates soaps that are made with all natural ingredients and the soaps all smell amazing. She has lots of different scents and her retail store is full of handmade items by local artisans.

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Every Sunday the blog, Haiku Horizons, provides a haiku prompt. This week’s prompt is “fire.”

Today’s Haiku:

glowing hot gases
sparks and flames writhe with power
soon, fire smolders


Have a great Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Suds Are So Much Fun!

  1. Liked your foray into soap making, Nicole. But the haiku failed to capture your excitement, confining only to sparking gases, writhing flames and smoldering fire…

    • Yes, Raj, I suppose it wasn’t the perfect haiku to capture my emotions from soap making. However, the haiku I wrote was based on a prompt from haiku horizons and it wasn’t based on my evening making soap. I suppose that was unclear. Thanks for the comment. I hope you are doing well!

    • Hi Heena! Sure, here ya go! So much fun! Good luck.
      Simple Soaps For Simple Folks
      Goat Milk Soap Beginner Recipe

      10 ounces Olive Oil
      6 ounces Coconut Oil
      1 Tbsp Castor Oil
      2 tsp Fragrance Oil OR 2 Tbsp Essential Oil
      6 ounces FROZEN Goat Milk
      2.25 ounces of lye (sodium hydroxide)

      *SAFETY FIRST: Put on goggles and rubber gloves*

      ~Measure oils into large pan, and start warming/melting them. ~Put slushy milk into another smaller pan, carefully and SLOWLY sprinkle lye into milk as you stir. Avoid breathing the fumes as it’s very caustic!
      ~When oils are melted but not too hot (100-115 degrees), add LYE/MILK mix INTO the OIL MIX. You MUST add milk to oils, or a nasty reaction occurs!
      ~Stir/blend until a light trace (soap thickens like pudding) occurs.
      ~Add castor oil and fragrance; stir/blend more, keeping an eye on it. Cement soap in a blender doesn’t pour well into molds!
      ~Pour soap into molds. Cover with plastic wrap. Cover molds with a towel if it’s cold outside. You want it to “gel” but not get too hot!
      ~Let sit 2 days in molds. Put molds into freezer for an hour, carefully unmold soap. Soak the mold in warm water then rinse it.
      ~Let your soaps cure 4-6 weeks on a rack or in open air.
      Enjoy your handmade soaps!

      • You’re an angel Nicole… thanks a lot 🙂
        I’ll try to make it as soon as I’ll get my hands on all the ingredients. I have almost everything but will have to look out for Goats milk… I guess it won’t be that difficult to find it… 🙂
        Thanks again!
        have a great day!

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