MedCity Mafia: Roller Derby

Saturday night I had the opportunity to fulfill another Girl on the Go adventure! My husband and I, along with another couple, went to go see MedCity Mafia, the Rochester Roller Derby team. They played a team out of the cities called Atomic Bombshells. Unfortunately, MedCity Mafia got their bums kicked, but it was fun to watch. I don’t yet own a nice DSLR, so I didn’t get a lot of action shots. But, I was able to catch a few pictures. Check it out:

Roller Derby

Med City Mafia

Roller Derby

Med City Mafia against Atomic Bombshells

Roller Derby

Shaking hands at the end of the match.

I think the best part of this experience was reading the names in the program, WhipHER Ash, MexiCan MangleHer, PerfectaKills, Loose Kannen, Spaztik Pepper, Blond Rambition.

Today’s Haiku:

arms locked tight
hips shoving and thrusting
wheels hug every turn


Do you have anything fun planned this week?


10 thoughts on “MedCity Mafia: Roller Derby

  1. I remember, when I was young, watching a ring derby where women fight it out on skates. The movie, I think, had Farrah Fawcett Majors as one of the lead actress… 🙂

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