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Portable MFA in Creative Writing: Magazine Writing

The Nut graph: 

After the lead is crafted, the nut graph follows (I never knew it had a name). It tells the reader exactly what they’e going to read next. This is the one place where you can invert the old adage, Show don’t tell. This is the time to tell.

For instance, if you are writing an article and the lead is about a particular patient with breast cancer, the nut graph might give a brief history of breast cancer treatments, bringing the reader up-to-date on what you’re going to be talking about in the rest of the article: the latest treatment.

Next week: Style Tips

I highly recommend The Portable MFA in Creative Writing. It’s on Amazon for under $13 right now. This book discusses Fiction, Memoir/Personal Essay, Poetry and Magazine Articles. The information I have been providing for the past several months has been from this book.

Today, I leave you with this brilliant quote…


Today’s Haiku

the magic inside
creates an original—
drummer dances


Have fun being YOU!


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