Girl on the Go: Haunted Hotel

It’s that time again. This week, for my Girl on the Go adventure, I want to stay in a haunted hotel in Louisiana. The highlighted website lists several in New Orleans. There are doors that open and close on their own, elevators that stop on the wrong floors, ghosts, radio stations that change on their own and many more spooky occurrences.

So, today, I leave you with one of my favorite little ditties by Donovan, click here. You may have to endure a short ad, but The Season of the Witch is worth listening too.

Hotel Maison de Ville Haiku Haunted

Hotel Maison de Ville is considered to be haunted.

Today’s Haiku:

dressing for a date
her reflection leans forward
lipstick smears the glass


Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel? Was it a hoax or were you truly spooked?


14 thoughts on “Girl on the Go: Haunted Hotel

      • Two of the most haunted I know of are the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville and T’Frere’s House in Lafayette. Both offer bed and breakfast stays for their guests. Please let me know about your haunted Louisiana adventure! 🙂

      • Thank you! I am not sure when I’ll be able to travel to Louisiana. I already have my summer vacation planned for 2015, but maybe I can sneak away for a long weekend this fall.

        Have a great day!

  1. well i am so dumb . i always thought that was the royal sonesta & i had a painting of your hotel. i thought i stayed there but i was at the R S & i have only been haunted by the people who were at the hotel ,during the wedding.

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