Peering at Rooftops

I usually post the Haiku Horizons haiku prompt on Sunday, but this weekend was special and I wanted to spend some time with my husband and my parents. My parents live about eight hours away, so I try to take advantage of the short time I have with them.

Mom and I went shopping, and we visited my favorite nail salon for manicures. My dad and husband had a fishing guide take them out on the Mississippi River to catch Walleye— and oh boy did they catch lots of fish!

It was a wonderful weekend that went by way to fast!


Here is the haiku prompt for the week, “needle.” I wanted to experiment today and write a haiku about a type of “needle” without using the word needle. Is it successful? You tell me.

SpaceNeedle Haiku

Space Needle


Today’s Haiku:

gentle breeze
a cultural icon sways—
peering at rooftops


Has anyone been to the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington?

Have a terrific Monday!


PS – I think I found another Girl on the Go adventure…The Space Needle!


19 thoughts on “Peering at Rooftops

  1. I got it… The pointed tower piercing the sky! Like a needle! 🙂
    By the way, this is the monument which was turned into a UFO in “Men in Black”, right?

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