Sparks Begin to Fly

I listen to a lot of podcasts throughout the week, some good, some bad. I recently found a podcast that I wanted to share with you, especially if you’re trying to get started as a writer. The new podcast is located on the website, DIY MFA.

Those of you familiar with the term DIY know that it means, Do It Yourself. And, if you have been reading my blog posts called Tuesday’s Tips (or maybe you are working on your MFA) you know that MFA refers to a Master of Fine Arts. This particular MFA is in Creative Writing.

I learned about DIY MFA from another podcast I listen to called, Write 2B Read, by Ani Alexander. Alexander interviewed Gabriela Pereira, the creator of DIY MFA. Pereira helps writers learn what is taught in the traditional MFA program without spending thousands of dollars and years of your life in school.

Unfortunately, her program doesn’t issue diplomas, but all you really need to do is learn the content. Here is the first podcast.


let sparks fly haiku

Today’s Haiku:

life long learning
brain seeking activity
sparks begin to fly


When was the last time you took a structured or unstructured class?

I hope you find DIY MFA useful!


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