Girl on the Go: Visit Split Rock Lighthouse

I love Friday! Not only because the weekend is almost underway, but because I get to dream about all the places I want to visit!

This time, we’re headed up to the North Shore. The next item to hit the Girl on the Go list: I want to pay a visit Split Rock Lighthouse! This one may also be achievable this summer! I’ll keep you posted!

split rock lighthouse haiku

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Today’s Haiku:

brilliant beam of light
shouts to strolling barges—
the quiet moon hides


Have you ever been to a lighthouse?

Have a great weekend!


22 thoughts on “Girl on the Go: Visit Split Rock Lighthouse

  1. That looks so beautiful!
    There is an added bonus for a lighthouse you can climb! I did that and although I almost didn’t because I was just so scared of the heights, it was still a wonderful experience.

    • Doesn’t it! I lived out east for a bit, but never toured a lighthouse. I am making it my mission while I am in Minnesota to visit this one. I am afraid of heights too, but I will try to be brave and climb to the top.

      have a great weekend, Sami Anne!

      • Just remember mind over matter. That helps me when it comes to reaching the top. The view is worth it if you can make yourself enjoy it, haha. I was stuck to the wall and wouldn’t venture to the side where the rails were. Oh well. It was still lovely.

        I hope you get to see one in Minnesota!

  2. Split Rock is awesome! I’ve been there several times and will be driving by it a few times this summer on my way up to Grand Marais, which is an awesome little town you should visit on your trip!

  3. I would love to visit a lighthouse…… till then I will visit it vicariously through you ….so waiting for your lighthouse experience ! 🙂

  4. I’ve been to the St. Augustine lighthouse in Florida. I’ve read it is one of the most haunted places in the world. I think it might be true. However, there are so many stairs to climb to get to the top, I could also have been delirious 🙂 I would recommend anyone (in good shape) to visit. St. Augustine is also a beautiful city surrounded by ocean and rivers.

  5. Beautiful post and a beautiful place to visit! There is just something about a lighthouse that holds a special kinda magic! 😉 And as Laine stated in her comment, the St.Augustine lighthouse is truly an amazing place…well worth the visit if given the opportunity. Peace ~Matthew

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