Girl on the Go: Visit The Apostle Islands

I have mentioned this before, but it has been awhile. I signed up for a Creative Non-Fiction course taught at the Madeline Island School of the Arts. Madeline Island is located in Lake Superior and is part of the Apostle Islands. The only way to get to the island is to take a ferry from Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Well, by now, I am sure you have already guessed that visiting Madeline Island and the surrounding area has been added to my Girl on the Go list. Hubby and I are headed up north in one month!

Below is a picture of the art school. I thought it was appropriate for my daily haiku, however, I was a little indecisive today. I wrote three. Maybe you should tell me which one is better…

Madeline Island Art School Haiku

Image Credit:

Today’s Haiku:

humid air hovers
until dusk welcomes a chill
peaceful country life

clouds suffocate
the warm rays of summer sun—
dusk welcomes a chill

clouds overwhelm
the monotonous summer sun—
a cool twilight eve


Have you taken a writing class lately? If so, what type of class? Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoir…

Have a great weekend!



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